HELLO!! I’m Kristy Bernardo, and I’m obsessed with charcuterie.

I’ve been sharing my recipes and creations with the internet for fifteen years. I owned a recipe website, The Wicked Noodle, for 13 years before selling it in 2022. It wasn’t easy to let go of so many recipes and great memories, but I was ready for a new chapter.

During those years, I partnered with Page Street Publishing, and with their help, I published five cookbooks, four of which were for the Instant Pot (which I still love and use). It was an incredible experience and one I’ll never forget. I also went to boot camp at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY, ran a successful business as a personal chef, and did quite a bit in video and television. And I can’t forget the food and travel writing, which took me everywhere from the hatch chile fields of New Mexico to the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

I’ve always felt that charcuterie is one of the easiest, most sophisticated, and most approachable ways to enjoy food. It can be an appetizer, a meal, or a heartfelt gift. It can be upscale or casual, thoughtfully put together, or a way to use up what’s in your fridge. It can serve one or one hundred, and go heavy on the cured meats or skip them altogether. And it can open you up to new flavors and textures you might not have otherwise tried.

So it only made sense that my next venture would be about charcuterie. How to make it, what to pair that block of gruyere with, and creative ways to share it with the ones you love. After many wine and food pairing classes over the years – and having made countless charcuterie boards and boxes – I’m a bit of a pro, while still learning new things about it daily.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my travels and poured my heart into creating this website for you. It was just launched toward the end of January 2024, but new content is added daily! It’s a place to learn, to be creative, and to share ideas. If you make a board, please snap a photo and send it to me! If you have questions, no matter how small they seem, don’t hesitate to reach out. And if you come across an interesting new flavor combination, share it with me directly or in the comments. I appreciate you being here and hope you’ll stay and be a part of it!

You can reach Kristy directly at hello@charcuterieboardideas.net or on our social channels.